Classic wood windows are accessed from the interior. We don't need too much room to the side of the windows (just a few inches will do), but we do need about 2' in front of the windows so we can easily remove the sashes and re-install them when completed. If there is furniture in the way and it is too heavy to move, we will be happy to help move it when we arrive and throughout the job.

Blinds and window treatments may or may not need to be removed depending on their placement. If you are not sure, as with the furniture, we would be happy to help you remove and reinstall the window treatments as needed. 

Our mobile workshop is a 16' long (20' with tongue), 7' wide utility trailer. It fits nicely on the street or in your drive way. If possible, it would be helpful to reserve a space for it directly in front of your house if you would like us to park it on the street. Normally we arrive at about 9am on the initial day of work.